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The vintage taste of Atelier

Atelier line of handles, doors and windows accessories is the result of an in-depth stylistic and historic research. A heritage atmosphere and a vintage taste come together and merge to forge very elegant and high quality products. Ideal for restorations and renovations the Atelier line is made of high quality brass and features special antiqued finishes that give every product an authentic “aged” effect, even to the touch.

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Best Sellers

Here are a few Arieni’s top ranges. A large number of different lines and styles that meet all requirements. They always distinguish themselves thanks to quality, ergonomics, attention to details and a long lifetime.

Designed for those who love classic luxury, Dea is a large and intricately inlaid handle offered also in shiny PVD (titanium treated) brass to achieve a valuable look and a longer lifetime.

Modern and with a strong personality, here shown in satin chrome, Piego is the authoritative and resolute handle for those seeking style, originality and distinction.

Sober and minimalist with its elegant and slender shapes, Niko is contemporary, funny and captivating owing to its total white finish that is unmistakable and very on-trend.

The satin chrome finish is perfect to enhance the original line of Vera, the ergonomic handle that is recognisable thanks to its sophisticated grip design.

Elegant, sinuous, light and comfortable. The Prima line is a good combination of minimalism and tradition for those who love to dare without forgoing elegance.

Solidity, safety and style. The total black Area 51 version is a rejoicing of design and fashion to provide every room with character and incisiveness.

Since 1997

Italian design and production

Only the safest and best quality materials, the most sophisticated and hard-wearing finishes and the most innovative lines become Arieni handles and accessories, designed and made in-house since 1997.